Sewing Pattern Review: Madalynne x Simplicity 8228 Lingerie Pattern

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Aaaand I'm NEVER buying store bought bras or panties EVER again. Like, ever ever. I think that the idea of sewing lingerie is so terrifying because it's so delicate.. But fear not my friends. This sewing pattern review is essentially going to walk you through my first time EVER sewing lingerie.

I hope it will help to eradicate any fears that you may also be harboring about sewing up the lacy little beauties we all wear every. single. day. And keep in mind: This is coming from a seamstress who has been sewing womenswear for 10+ years.

But I had never sewn lingerie before this post.

I really don't know why I had never tried to tackle sewing lingerie. At FIDM, the lingerie program was entirely separate from the fashion design program. So I definitely didn't learn anything about it there. (Maybe that's where it started? Or rather, ended?)

And I think the overall fear of sewing something so delicate and small just scared me off. BUT. I am now a true believer of DIY lingerie after sewing up the Madalynne 8228 bra & panty pattern.

(Not sure where to start when it comes to sewing? Building your own sewing kit is an excellent place to begin. Grab your complete beginner's guide below!) A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Sewing KitSewing Pattern Review Close Up Halter Bralette

Sewing Pattern Review Bra & Panty Close Up

Sewing pattern review: But wait. So this isn't a Flora Modiste pattern?

Let me back up. Ever since I started The Flora Modiste, I have wanted our monthly projects to revolve around pieces that I would actually wear in my daily life. Pieces that are comfortable and easy, but are also a bit challenging to draft and sew up.

I wanted to make pieces that I actually NEEDED in my wardrobe, rather than just making something to make it.

Which got me thinking these last few months..

I really did need a new bralette.

(BTW. I haven't worn a "real" bra in at least 5 years. Bralettes are my jam. I hope I will never have to wear a "real" bra ever again.)

But the idea of making a bralette terrified me.. As I mentioned above, I literally knew next to nothing about sewing lingerie, with the exception that lace was involved. Hello, Captain Obvious.

So, where was I to start?

Sewing Pattern Review Fabric Close Up

Sewing pattern review: Just get started

I have been following the blog, Madalynne, for years now. When I was struggling with what I wanted to do with my life just before starting The Flora Modiste, she was actually a pretty big source of inspiration for me.

I'm hoping that one day I can have a beautiful studio like hers here in San Diego. And that I can teach strong, powerful women how to sew with monthly workshops, as she does.

And while I may not be specializing in lingerie.. She is promoting the art of sewing in such a strong, beautiful way. A way in which I can only hope to emulate one day with womenswear.

When Madalynne first launched her lingerie sewing kits last Spring, I was HOOKED. (& yes, it took me a year to finally sew up the pattern. Sigh.)

I bought one of her first kits, the blush & yellow kit for her 8228 Simplicity pattern. The pattern itself can make two different bralettes: (1) A halter bralette or (2) A racerback bralette. Also, the pattern provides for a set of high rise panties.

The DIY sewing kit provided everything I needed for the bra & panty.

Which I was ALL ABOUT. I literally would have been like a lost little puppy walking in to the local fabric store, trying to buy everything I needed for my first ever lingerie pattern. (Like, actually.)

So having a DIY sewing kit ready for purchase was literally EXACTLY what I needed to give me the confidence to sew up my first bra & panty set.

(Not sure where to start when it comes to sewing? Building your own sewing kit is an excellent place to begin. Grab your complete beginner's guide below!) A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Sewing KitSewing Pattern Review Madalynne Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern Review Purchased Supplies

Sewing pattern review: DIY shopping list

There were a few supplies that I did need to buy, being an absolute newbie to sewing lingerie:

  1. Odif 505 Fabric Adhesive: I had never used fabric adhesive before, so this was a learning experience in itself!
  2. Rotary Cutter: I had also never used one of these babies before.. BUT I LOVE IT. So easy to use, and so much better than scissors.
  3. Ball Point/Jersey Sewing Needles: I also didn't have any of these sewing needles, even though I probably definitely should have.
  4. Universal Sewing Needles: I actually had no idea what the sewing needle in my machine was (#cool) so I just bought a new set of these. (Always good to have on hand!)

Other than the above tools, all I needed to sew up my bra & panty set was the DIY sewing kit I purchased from Madalynne, and the Simplicity sewing pattern. Like, that's it.

If (& when) I sew up my next lingerie set, all I will need to purchase is a new DIY sewing kit from Madalynne, and the corresponding sewing pattern. Easy!

To start, the instructions have you determine what your bra size is. This was actually incredibly helpful.. Having worn bralettes for the last 5 years, I literally had no idea what my bra size was. The calculation was pretty simple, and the size is definitely pretty accurate, having finished the sewing project and tried the finished bralette on.

I have always struggled with reading sewing pattern instructions.

(Not sure where to start when it comes to sewing? Building your own sewing kit is an excellent place to begin. Grab your complete beginner's guide below!) A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Sewing KitSewing Pattern Review Cut Pattern Pieces

Sewing Pattern Review Sewing Pattern Pieces

Sewing pattern review: Learn from your mistakes

So I had to read through everything a few times to make sure I was prepping everything correctly. Not to mention that I had no idea what anything was (WTF is galloon lace?) or what the difference between plush & picot elastic is. (Still not entirely sure on that front.)

And speaking of elastic.. I'm pretty sure I definitely got the two mixed up before realizing that Madalynne had a post explaining the difference between the two. (#facepalm) I ended up having to run to my local fabric store to grab some more elastic to finish off the panty..

But hey, that's all part of the learning process, right? Definitely won't make that same mistake again.

It was actually really fun though, learning how to sew up something completely new. I learned how to use the fabric adhesive spray, and how to cut the small, delicate pattern pieces using the rotary cutter. And I used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine for the FIRST TIME EVER, which was also pretty exciting.

I definitely went slowly when sewing this project, as you should always do when sewing up something brand new for the first time. But after reading through the sewing instructions a few times, and by following the illustrations, I was able to sew up a beautiful bralette & panty.

And I absolutely LOVE the fit of my halter bralette.

It is so comfy and girly and beautiful.. I can't wait to wear it everywhere, and with everything.

The panties with this kit are a bit cheeky, so those are for Paul's eyes only. (But are also still super comfy!)

Sewing Pattern Review Bralette Close Up

Sewing pattern review: YES, make your own lingerie

Overall, sewing up the lingerie kit wasn't nearly as terrifying as I had always imagined it to be. And it's actually the most fun I have had with sewing in a while.. I think the pieces are just so small, delicate, and beautiful, it's hard not to fall in love with the sewing of this project. And with the finished product too, obvi.

As I said before, I will never buy store bought lingerie again. This sewing pattern was easy, quick, and turned out absolutely beautiful.

Because it was my first time sewing lingerie, I definitely went a little slower than I probably needed to.. Looking back on my notes, it took me about 5 hours total, with prepping and sewing. I think I could probably cut that time in half if I sewed the same pattern up again. Which means you could have a brand new set of lingerie sewn up in an afternoon's work!

I hope that this sewing pattern review has been helpful for you. And that, like me, you will no longer be afraid of venturing in to the DIY lingerie sewing world. Already dreaming about which Madalynne lingerie pattern I want to sew up next.. Any requests?

(Not sure where to start when it comes to sewing? Building your own sewing kit is an excellent place to begin. Grab your complete beginner's guide below!) A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Sewing Kit

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